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The bustling yoga capital is a place of pilgrimage and wintering place of the sadhus from the Himalayas. When it gets too cold in winter in the caves, they hike the long way down to Rishikesh. In April, they set off again for their hermitage. Rishikesh is the place of the yoga scene from all over the world. Besides gurus like Prembaba and Mooji, many swamis and yogis have found their home here. The place has become known in the West through the Beatles, who have practiced transcendental meditation here. The now abandoned Beatles Ashram is decorated with colorful flowers, a remnant of the Flower Power movement. Yogasubmarine puts together a program with The different styles of yoga for you to be sure you can not get at one of the many fake yogis. You are invited to try the different styles of yoga in the city with their wonderful teachers. From Tantra via Sivananda to Iyengar you will find a wide range of styles and after the yoga class you sit with other yogis to drink a Chai by the Ganges and exchange ideas.

The two bridges, the Jhulas, divide the place into two quarters. At the Laxmanjhula live the hippies and Chilumsmoker and the area is more western touristic. From here we start our excursion to the waterfall always on the Ganges. The Rhamjhula belongs to Indian tourists and yogis. The large Sivananda Ashram and other ashrams in the area can be heard from afar. Through their mantras and rituals they put the city in a particular mood. Actually, all Rihsikesh is a single ashram. Many rituals are practiced publicly on the Ganges and the clear water invites all pilgrims to cool off and relax. Rishikesh is perhaps the little friendly sister of Varanasi and the city makes it seem as if the Devis, the female gods, gathered here.


The city with its sandy beaches inviting for bathing and the many ashrams on whose stairs the devotees gather for rituals


Colorful markets

trendy districts

Modern meets tradition



Sightseeing absolute insider places

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Ashram life

Meditation rituals




Oldest Aarti in the world in the ganges

Yoga metropolis


Satsang encounter



Cleansing Ganges bath on the river bank

Oldest city in the world

Spirituality culture



Shiva Power


Indian music

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