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Our teacher

Pi Jem Thanachon:

is a gifted Thai massage therapist. Her style differs from so many others in that it is not just about technique, but about feeling the energy lines deeply and being aware of physical or energetic blockages. In her classes, she teaches you how to sense and differentiate between different types of tension, and explains exactly which type of massage is suitable for which body. Your hands will see, so to speak, and you can use the techniques you have learned in a more targeted manner.

Pi Jem's work is unique, as is her touch. Your massages are never standard, but individual for each person. When you lie under her hands, you feel her calmness, which is transmitted so that one often falls into a deep yogic final relaxation. This is certainly also due to the fact that she herself was immersed in deep meditation during the massages. An attitude that she brings to her students again and again. She is a highly spiritual woman and due to her open and generous nature, her students gather around her not only to learn her extraordinary skills, but also because of her warmth and great sense of humor, she is always a wise teacher and a human role model.


Jack Lek Chaiya:

the northern style of Thai massage was significantly influenced by the Lek Chaiya family.Son of his mother Momma Lek, Jack has been teaching international seminars for years and combines classic ancient techniques of Thai massage with modern knowledge of osteopathy.

Learn from him how and when to use advanced stretching, gentle hand techniques, and powerful knee and elbow techniques. In addition, Jack will show you how to make and carry out the Thai herbal stamp massage. You will learn to align your body precisely during the massage in order to work with your own physical strength.


Hironori Ikeda:

runs the RSM School in Chiang Mai for applied anatomy and balance ball yoga.

His deep knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics will help you to address each individual client more deeply and specifically in your massages. Yoga teachers and therapists in particular benefit from his style as it improves your own balance during the massage and you will learn to perform a massage in the stretching of the asanas to improve the range of motion of your students and eliminate pain.


Ajarn Sinchai - "the blind professor":

During your training you will be lucky enough to get to know Ajarn Sinchai and have him treat you therapeutically. With his many years of experience, he will explain to you exactly which technique you can use to focus on a physical problem with your client.

Ajarn (Thai title for professor, high form of respect also for spiritual teachers and Buddhist monks, comparable to the Japanese sensei or the Indian guru) is a blind therapist who has a reputation among both the local population and the medical community in Chiang Mai as a most competent and experienced Thai masseur in therapeutic medical massage.

He graduated from the Lersin Hospital Blind School in Bangkok 45 years ago. He spent most of his career as a therapist specializing in the rehabilitation of stroke patients at Chiang Mai University Hospital. He now passes his knowledge on to his own students. His teaching is unique and is not taught at any other massage school. No mindless finger presses or standardized acrobatic stretches. He just knows what works, and he clearly and simply shows you the right way to relieve muscular pain.



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