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Our trip to Northern Thailand is a training trip in classic Thai massage. Suitable for both beginners and experienced bodyworkers, this journey offers the rare opportunity to get to know three different masters of Thai massage and to apply them yourself. All courses are certified. At the end you have developed the ability to independently carry out a one and a half hour Thai massage session and to respond individually to the needs of your clients therapeutically. More experienced therapists will experience further deepening of their knowledge on the journey. Our teachers have many years of experience in Chi nei Tsang (detox abdominal massage), female reproductive massage and the sacred dance of thai massage in the form of smooth transitions from one movement to the next. During your time in Chiang Mai, you benefit from the close contact with your teachers and can also ask questions about any topic outside of the course and book very cheap massages with your teachers after the course to further deepen your understanding.


By dealing with your Thai teachers, who all speak English, you dive particularly deeply into this form of healing touch and experience the knowledge from the first source. The courses are designed by the masters exclusively for Yogasubmarine, so you stay intensively with your training group the whole time, which has a positive influence on your learning success. The free time between the courses is available for mutual practice and for joint trips to the surrounding area.


We visit the Hot Springs where you can soothe your muscles in the healing hot springs and then indulge in a Thai massageuhknow letcsst. On other free days we go swimminguge to the lake, experience the blessings of the Buddhist temples in the area and visit an elephant farm where the elephants are kept in a natural herd life. The elephants invite us to swim together in the river. In a Thai cooking course you will learn 6 different Thai dishes in one dayetcIndian Kuche know and can your friends at home with delicious specialtyetcten useduhknow.


In Chiang Mai we live in the old town, which you can easily cross on foot or by bike. The street food in the food stalls and at the markets is fantastic, absolutely hygienic and very cheap. Western cuisine mixes with Thai in Chiang MaietcIndian delicacies. Thailand is a country for connoisseurs with all senses. Thais are practicing Buddhists. Traditions are still strong and naturally mixed with Western influences. The traveler is always received with great hospitality. Friendliness and a good mood are part of everyday interactions.





!!! 2017 ONLY ON REQUEST !!!



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