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Travel arrangements for India

FLIGHT BOOKING: For booking flights iswww.kayak.dealways a very good search engine. Departure locations are, for example, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt or Berlin. At the moment there are still very cheap flights available for   500,- Euro return.

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT book your flights before you have checked the flight details with us again beforehand!!!! In the past, there have been several booking errors by participants, since an arrival date after 12:00 a.m. is already dated to the next day :)


PASSPORT AND VISA: Denk bitte a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the travel date and your Indian visa. The visa is a tourist visa valid for 6 months or an E visa, whereby the day of issue counts as the first day and not the day of entry. You apply for either in person at the consulate in Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt, or conveniently by post or online. information about ithere.


VACCINATIONS: If you are traveling from Germany, no mandatory vaccinations are required. However, it is recommended for India to be vaccinated against tetanus, polio, diphtheria and hepatitis A. Please ask your family doctor about this. Since vaccination is a very individual decision, we do not want to influence any opinions here.


LUGGAGE: A suitcase or travel backpack, and a small daypack backpack, such as one that you can take with you on hikes and that is very light and folds up small. Very cheap at Decathlon.

Otherwise, as little luggage as possible. Everything that shopping kings and queens and yogis need and don't need can be found in Rishikesh. From yoga pants to simple mats and aids, everything is available. If you want to bring your own mat, you are of course welcome to do so. Since we practice yoga with props, it would be good to have two rigid foam travel yoga blocks with you.hereyou will find a good supplier of the blocks. Of course, any other block with which you can travel well is also possible.

Otherwise  you will find shops with clothes, shoes, malas, jewelry everywhere in India... Even if you forgot your sunscreen or sun glasses, you can buy something like that in India. Medical care is good in the larger cities and you will find allopathic and Ayurvedic pharmacies everywhere. Please note the luggage regulations of your airline!!! Usually 20kg is allowed. The big airlines are usually accommodating, but for the three domestic flights!!!! a small surcharge must be paid for each kilo if the 15-20 kg are exceeded. So if you bring little with you from Germany, you will be happy about the beautiful things from India that have space in your suitcase. What you should think about is a sweater and a heavy jacket for the evenings in the ashram. Packable down or synthetic jackets are best. Shawls for meditation etc. can be found in Rishikesh. Then women shouldcarry a tunic, called a kurta in India, that covers the buttocks. In Delhi this is not so important, but in all other places please always cover your buttocks and preferably wear loose, baggy clothes. The north of India has nothing to do with the holiday state of Goa. In the north things are still traditional. In the north we almost exclusively go to holy places of pilgrimage and visit temples!!! This means covering the buttocks, legs, shoulders and, in the case of women, breasts with a scarf. With this you express that you respect the customs of the country, which is particularly important for traditional cultures. In addition, you save yourself unpleasant looks and comments. India is a safe country. Contrary to the media reports from India recently, Yogasubmarine can only report hospitable and warm encounters with the locals for 7 years.


TRAVEL READING: Before traveling to such a foreign culture, it is advisable to read a nice guide book. It should go a bit beyond a Marco Polo "wo kann ich gut essen" and get you in the mood for distant India. Lonely Planet or Stefan Loose are recommended. Yogasubmarine has a very informative Facebook page with lots of photos from their travels over the last few years to get you started on the


LET'S KEEP IN CONTACT: Please stay in with us after your bookingContactand keep us up to date on your booked flights. If you would like to contact each other in advance by email so that you may arrive and depart together or share a hotel room if you arrive earlier, we will set up an email distribution list and a Whatsapp group.


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