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The casual fashion scene is shaped by the creative use of flowing materials and our vision of upcycling precious silk. Harem pants are no longer only reserved for the eco scene. Everyday life in London, Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, and now also in small German towns shows people of all ages in these comfortable trousers that can be worn by any figure. Lightweight in summer with sewn-in privacy protection in the panty area if a model is more transparent, and in winter over leggings.
Most of the time, however, the pants are made of polyester and are cheaply manufactured. Here we counteract this with upcycling fashion:
Each pair of trousers is unique and the material is sufficient for a maximum of two pairs. Why? Because each pair of pants is tailored from an original Indian silk saree that an Indian woman wore either to a wedding, to a party or just everyday. We coordinate the acceptance of the saris in India, the control of first-class quality, the handmade processing by mainly female seamstresses in Varanasi India, the fair remuneration of all workers involved in this process and the transport to Germany.
Sold in boutiques, yoga shops and festivals, our saripants also make a wonderful gift idea as they have a story and are one size fits all women. Women with long legs prefer to wear pants long, for short legs the pants can either be pulled up below the knee or worn as a strapless dress so that the gathered waistband sits over the chest.
You can either let yourself be completely surprised when you place your order, specify an approximate color you would like or exclude a color that you do not want at all.

Upcycled Silk

  • Our silk trousers are fair trade and handmade in India. We know the manufacturers personally and pay attention to good working conditions and fair payment. That's why our sarees are not factory-made mass-produced goods, but each pair of trousers is unique and varies in colour, shape and silk material.
    Washable in lukewarm water by hand or dry cleaning.

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