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These jewelry malas are a wonderful symbiosis of Indian Rudraksha seeds, healing gemstones and traditional Sardinian jewelry called "Filigrana". Thin gold and silver threads are intertwined and this is how the typical pieces of jewelry with natural religious meaning are created. They are three-dimensional mandalas, a sacred geometry found in all traditional cultures. So the little silver balls mean nothing else than the chakras in Indian culture. They stand for the nourishing powers of the sun and moon, the breast as a sign of fertility and Mother Earth.

Marcella is a goldsmith in Sardinia. In her studio Orogenesis she works with silver, gold and precious stones. All your materials are tested and certified. Marcella's travel experiences through India, China and Tibet and her personal yoga practice brought her to this jewelery collection, which consists exclusively of exclusive individual parts.

Jewelry mala, India meets Sardinia

  • Fusion of Indian Rudraksha seeds, healing gemstones, silver, volcanic stone and crystal.
    Each mala is a unique piece in different lengths and with certified material.
    You can choose directly from the photos or, after consultation with us, specify your healing stones and other materials so that Marcella can create your personal dream mala.

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