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"The self is the unqualified pure reality in whose light body and ego shine. When all thoughts have come to rest, pure consciousness remains."

Classic, noble and elegant, clear and puristic. Straightforward and subtle, without frills and extras. In this way, your mala helps you to meditate and ensures that the images slide past in your head cinema.

Rudraksha seeds are the traditional Indian power balls whose effect can be felt after a short wearing time. You achieve balance and the development of your full potential when this wonderful feeling of clarity and stillness spreads, to which nothing more can be added.

Rock crystal is one of the most important gemstones and healing stones. Because of its unique crystal structure in the form of a helical spiral, it is the healing stone that most powerfully amplifies healing energies while warding off dark energies. Rock crystal is assigned to the crown chakra and resonates with it most strongly. A special feature of the stone, however, is that it acts on all other body chakras at the same time. The rock crystal is a large meditation stone. It is the stone of light that creates clarity and raises awareness. It raises and intensifies all vibrations and, in combination with other stones, optimizes their effect. Rock crystals have always been used in religious, spiritual and shamanic ceremonies to cleanse beings and objects of negative energies and to remove black magic, curses and spells. In India and South America it is given to newborns as a protective crystal in their cradle.
For meditation, flawless rock crystals like the ones we use are preferable to milky ones.
The rock crystal is the best healing stone to strengthen the body's immune system, especially in chronic diseases. It gives vitality and gets the energies flowing again.

Head Cinema Mala

  • Our malas are fair trade and handmade in India. We know the manufacturers personally and pay attention to good working conditions and fair payment. That is why our malas are not factory-made mass-produced goods, but each mala is unique and varies in colour, shape and length.

    The seeds and crystals are approximately 7mm in circumference and the mala is approximately 38-45cm in length depending on the knot and tassel which can be trimmed to desired length.
    Would you like to use the mala as a japa mala for meditation or simply as a decorative mala to let its healing powers work on you? Both are possible with the same mala. Each mala consists of 108 balls plus one on the tassel, representing Guru or supreme consciousness.

    Each mala is hand knotted and hand knotted between each seed and crystal.

    Note on cleaning the mala:
    The Rudraksha seeds were pickled in mustard oil before processing, which is common in India to emphasize the natural shimmer of the seeds. Over time, Rudraksh seeds will darken. To make the mala shine again after wearing it for a long time, simply wash it in lukewarm water with soap and then soak it in mustard, olive or coconut oil. To recharge the mala energetically, simply place it in a singing bowl or in the moonlight and sunlight for several hours.
    Mustard oil residues may initially be visible on the skin when worn.

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