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"The lovers live from the light of the other.
Lovers are each other's light."

Our handmade Königskinder mala is a combination of Rudraksha seeds and the healing stone lapis lazuli.

Rudrakshas are used to increase vitality and concentration. They are traditionally used for meditation and cleanse the 7 chakras. Rudrakshas are high energy balls of power. By wearing the Rudraksha seeds you will feel your increased energy and at the same time the deep state of relaxation and strength.

Lapis lazuli is the stone of kings. It enchants the atmosphere with its hypnotic blue light. As the "stone of rulers", lapis lazuli restores integrity. It conveys attention and calm, in order to perceive one's own needs again and to express them clearly. It helps to stand up for yourself and your own views and to organize yourself better in everyday life. It supports a calm and restful sleep like under hypnosis and dreams can be remembered well.
As the stone of truth, it enables conversations that are conducted in a relaxed tone that would otherwise be impossible. It promotes self-confidence, honesty and love of truth, gives spiritual growth and strengthens clairvoyant, clairaudient and sensitive abilities. Lapis lazuli helps with concentration and learning problems and gives ingenuity and thinking skills.
Both energetically and physically, it has an effect on the throat chakra, heals throat and voice problems and thus helps to increase expressiveness.

Royal Children Mala

  • Our malas are fair trade and handmade in India. We know the manufacturers personally and pay attention to good working conditions and fair payment. That is why our malas are not factory-made mass-produced goods, but each mala is unique and varies in colour, shape and length.

    The seeds and crystals are approximately 7mm in circumference and the mala is approximately 38-45cm in length depending on the knot and tassel which can be trimmed to desired length.
    Would you like to use the mala as a japa mala for meditation or simply as a decorative mala to let its healing powers work on you? Both are possible with the same mala. Each mala consists of 108 balls plus one on the tassel, representing Guru or supreme consciousness.

    Each mala is hand knotted and hand knotted between each seed and crystal.

    Note on cleaning the mala:
    The Rudraksha seeds were pickled in mustard oil before processing, which is common in India to emphasize the natural shimmer of the seeds. Over time, Rudraksh seeds will darken. To make the mala shine again after wearing it for a long time, simply wash it in lukewarm water with soap and then soak it in mustard, olive or coconut oil. To recharge the mala energetically, simply place it in a singing bowl or in the moonlight and sunlight for several hours.
    Mustard oil residues may initially be visible on the skin when worn.

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