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A collection of pure healing gemstones of the highest quality from India, Nepal and Bali.
Flawless rock crystal, green agate and amethyst.

Gemstone Collection

  • Our malas are fair trade and handmade in India. We know the manufacturers personally and pay attention to good working conditions and fair payment. That is why our malas are not factory-made mass-produced goods, but each mala is unique and varies in colour, shape and length.

    The crystals have a circumference of approx. 7mm and the mala has an approximate length of 38-45cm depending on the knotting and tassel, which can be cut to the desired length.
    Would you like to use the mala as a japa mala for meditation or simply as a decorative mala to let its healing powers work on you? Both are possible with the same mala. Each mala consists of 108 stones plus one on the tassel representing Guru or supreme consciousness.

    Each mala is hand knotted and hand knotted between each crystal.

    Note on cleaning the mala:
    To make the mala shine again after wearing it for a long time, simply wash it in lukewarm water with soap. To recharge the mala energetically, simply place it in a singing bowl or place it in sunlight for several hours.

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