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Goa has certainly changed a lot since the famous hippie days of the 70's, with countless new restaurants, Ayurvedic oases, parties, new age and wellness offers, but Goa's original spirit of freedom on the beach is still in vogue. Goa has long since become a holiday destination for the Indian population and so in this unique place, especially in the north, Indian culture mixes with Portuguese influences, the American raw food scene with wonderful restaurants that are keen to experiment, shamanic rituals, kirtan chants to Indian instruments played by European dropouts , fusion dance, music and relaxed friendly and open hearted beach life. You won't stay a stranger for long in Goa. You'll quickly be absorbed into a lively and fun scene of travelers from all over the world. Yoga teachers with a very high level invite you to try out their different styles and we will put together a program for you that will leave nothing to be desired.


Whether you prefer party life, or you prefer to fully immerse yourself in the yoga and healing scene, let yourself be carried through Goa on the back of an elephant, want to follow the traces of Goan history, or simply want to enjoy the beach and restaurants and at sunset with the many artists make music, juggle or dance, it's all up to you. We show you the hippie markets of Goa and the Indian weekly market and simply invite you to take a break in the beautiful surroundings of Villa Rivercat and lie back in a deck chair with a coconut.

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