Travel preparations for India

FLIGHT BOOKING: is always a very good search engine for booking flights. Departures are from all major european airports. At present there are still very cheap flights bookable for 500, - Euro .


IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT book your flights BEFORE you check your flight details with us !!!! In the past, there has been several booking errors of the participants, because for example a date of arrival in the night after 00.00 clock is already dated to the next day :)



PASSPORT AND VISA: Please remember a passport valid for at least the travel date of 6 months and your Indian visa. The visa is a tourist visa valid for 6 months, whereby the day of the exhibition is the first day and not the day of entry. You apply either personally at the consulate or conveniently by mail. 


VACCINATION: If you enter from most of european countries, no compulsory vaccinations are required. However, it is recommended for India to vaccinate against tetanus, polio, diphtheria and hepatitis A. Please ask your family doctor about the topic. Since vaccination has become a very individual decision, we do not want to influence opinions here.


TRAVEL LUGGAGE: We recommend taking a travel backpack instead of a suitcase. Although we will not trek around packed with our luggage, their will be short walks and it can be cumbersome with many stairs. anyway We travel comfortably for Indian standards. Especially in Varanasi, the hygienic conditions on the roads are not comparable to Europe. And to maneuver a suitcase through the narrow and wild paved streets next to cows, pilgrims and motorbikes, is a little tricky.

What should be in the backpack? First, a small day backpack, one that you can take on hikes and is very light and collapsible. at Decathlon, they are very cheap. In Rishikesh you will find everything that shopping kings and queens and yogis need and do not need. From yoga pants to simple mats and yoga props, everything is there. If you want to bring your own mat, of course you can do that. Since we practice yoga with props, it would be good to have two rigid foam travel blocks. Otherwise, you will find shops in India with clothes, shoes, Malas, jewelry ... Even if you have forgotten the sunscreen or sunglasses, you can buy something in India.

Medical care is good in the larger cities and you will find allopathic, homeopathic and Ayurvedic pharmacies everywhere. Please note the luggage regulations of your airline !!! Usually 20kg are allowed. The international airlines are generally accommodating, but not for the domestic flight !!!! For every extra kilo you have to pay a small surcharge if the 15-20 kg are exceeded. If you bring little from home, you will be happy in the end about the beautiful things from India, which will find space in your backpack. What you should think about is a sweater and a thicker jacket for the evenings in the mountain side. The best are collapsible or synthetic jackets. Scarves for meditation etc. can be found in Rishikesh. Then it should be in Indian hand luggage.

a tunic, called Kurta in India, which covers the buttocks. In the north, it is still traditional. We almost exclusively commit holy pilgrimage in the north and visit temples !!! This means buttocks, legs, shoulders, and breast has to be covered. It expresses that you respect the customs of the country, which is important for traditional cultures. It also saves you unpleasant looks and comments.

India is a safe country. Contrary to recent media reports from India, Yogasubmarine has been able to report only hospitable and warm encounters with the locals for 7 years.



readings: Before traveling to such a foreign culture it is advisable to read a nice travel guide. That should go a bit over a Marco Polo "where can I eat well"